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09 August 2008 @ 07:57 pm
Twisted Series  
Author: sonny_lei
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, but it's on my to do list.
Pairing: Dick/Tim Nightwing/Robin III
Author's Note: This is just something that came into my mind while listening to Twisted - Carrie Underwood.
Dedication: For alex_fangirl my amazing Beta who loves this pairing more than is sense
Warnings: Angst.
Note! : This is written from two points of view. The first narrates all the odd acts, the second narrates all the second acts.

Twisted Series

Act Five - The Talk

- - - It's twisted, messed up
And the more I think about it
It's crazy, but so what
I may never understand it
It's twisted, messed up
And the more I think about it
It's crazy, but so what
I may never understand it
I'm caught up and I'm hanging on
I'm wanna love you even if it's wrong
Even if it's twisted - - -

You open your eyes.

You smile.

You hold on for just that little bit longer.

Hold on to the memory. To the experience. You hold on to the ecstasy.

You know it will leave you soon.

You turn your head slightly, and your prediction becomes true.

The other side of the bed is empty.

The chair opposite you is not.

He sits, leaning forward, hands clasped.

You would think that he has been watching you sleep, but his creased brow and tightened lips let you know that he doesn't see you.

You smile, a small, sad smile.

You had hoped that last night's submission had rendered your carefully structured argument redundant.

You can see now how truly naive that was.

You wonder if he'll notice that you're awake and watching him.

The minutes slip by without him moving an inch. You know that it is up to you to make the first move.

You say his name. A barely audible whisper over your racing heartbeat.

He looks at you and instantly you know it's not going to go your way.

"I'm sorry."

His voice is as weak as yours was.

You start. Whatever you expected of him, it wasn't that. Your carefully structured argument goes out the window.

"I'm older, more responsible - more to blame. I should've known better."

Your shock turns to anger; he's more what now? He should've known. . . better?!

You feel your blood boil.

This time when you say his name, it's clear and commanding.

He looks at you, surprised. He really looks at you.

"I do have a say in my actions. It was my choice to kiss you. It was my choice to follow you home. It was my choice."

You say his name again because he doesn't seem to have heard you at all.

It has little effect.

You sigh in frustration and roll your eyes. Your anger ebbs a little, exasperation now flaring up inside you.

You open your mouth to try again but the sound dies in your throat as he moves swiftly and stands over at the window.

You watch him, mesmorised.

"It's wrong."

It was a quiet statement and you're not entirely convinced that it was directed at you.

You respond anyway.

"How can something that feels so right be wrong?"

You wince at your own corny line but you let the question stand.

"It's messed up." He protests once more.

You shake your head, sitting up as he turns to face you again.

The covers fall away, revealing your bare chest.

His eyes flick to it. Under his apprasing gaze, you try not to move.

"Brothers." He eventually croaks.

"Not by blood."


The fire that had been in your veins turned to ice at somepoint.

"He's a big boy who can barely work out what he wants, do you really think he should decide what you want as well?"

He stirs slightly.

"I. . ." He stops himself.

You say nothing, waiting for him to finish his thought.

"I. . . don't understand this." He finishes lamely.

"I don't think we're supposed to", you grin.

"It's crazy." He says, but not in the same disgusted tone as before.

"Messed up." You agree.

"Wrong." He moves forward.

"Twisted." You lean up and meet him halfway.
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