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02 December 2008 @ 05:20 pm
Prompt #19 Silence  
Oppressive. Threatening. Foreboding.

It's a lonely boy. A seventy-two page chapter printout. A whisper of a scratching pen.

It's the evaporated tears our souls weep. It's the shadow of a long past passion. It's the graveyard where we buried our interest.

It's the ghost of a good natured joke. The corpses of familiarity. The anticipation that has long ago turned to dust.

A smile once greeted the threshold now it's a shudder. Where once existed a joyfulness, now lives only emptiness. She gave orders now all smiles have stopped.

It's a cold and it's a broken heart into which resentment and hatred have sunk. It's the best of day ruined; rain on your wedding day. It's befriending enemies in the face of a common villain.

It's hatred in it's purest form. It's a warm laughing heart iced over. It's a smirk that breaks a spirit.

It's not the turning of pages with an eagerness to finish the story, it's the unbearable monotony of paper being turned in unison to the beat of a voice that bores into your head.

It's a sarcastic quip carried on a pair of shoulders, their very own cross to bear.

It's a paralysingly depressing thought, the knowledge of it's imminence.

It's the urge to break the rules engrained on your character.

It's the end of a dream, a hope, an ambition.

IT's the cold realisation that all the lights have been snuffed out.

It's a lesson. It's torture. It's a refuge turned to a nightmare.

It's silence.

And it's our reality.
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